How is Sigma Psi Zeta different from other sororities?

First and foremost, Sigma Psi Zeta is an Asian-interest sorority, a trait that sets us aside from Pan-Hellenic Greek sororities. Our organization is smaller than the latter, thereby allowing our sisters to have more opportunities to create closer bonds of friendship. Because we are such a tight-knit sorority, our alumni often keep in contact with each other and active sisters. This continuous connection is essential because alumni can provide invaluable professional advice and connections for active sisters post-graduation. Lastly, Sigma Psi Zeta is small enough for individual voices to be head but big enough to affect the surrounding community.

Does Sigma Psi Zeta have a brother fraternity?

No, Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. does NOT have a brother fraternity. As a sorority that comprises of strong, independent women, we have made the deliberate choice to remain unaffiliated with another Greek organization.

Does Sigma Psi Zeta haze?

No, Sigma Psi Zeta does NOT haze. Rather, we enforce a strict, non-hazing policy. After all, our organization’s national philanthropy is “to combat the violence against women.” With this in mind, we are against the disrespect of women in all its myriad forms. Subsequently, we do not mentally, physically, or emotionally degrade our pledges. To do so would work against the ties of loyalty, allegiance, and dedication that we aim to create.

I am not Asian. Can I still rush and join?

Absolutely! Although we are an Asian-interest sorority, we welcome women of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities. In fact, we are the most diverse national Asian-interest sorority in terms of race and ethnicity. Our sisters come from all cultures, including but not limited to Haitian, Thai, Laos, Cambodian, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese, African American, and Indian.  Fun fact:  10 percent of sisters from our organization are of non-Asian decent.

What can I expect from a “typical” Sigma sister?

There is no “typical” Sigma sister. Sisterhood is not a mold for women to fit into. Nor does it make each sister who she is. Each sister contributes her talent, idealism, devotion, and energy to Sigma Psi Zeta, giving our sisterhood the character it has today. With the unique bonds and special memories formed as sisters, we hope that each sister will change our sisterhood, helping it to grow and evolve through time.

When is rush?

Rush takes place in the beginning of both the fall and spring semester of each academic school year. It typically consists of events throughout the week where rushees and sisters become acquainted with each other and rushees learn about Sigma Psi Zeta.

What is rush?

Sisters and rushees participate in fun, engaging activities in order to get to know one another. During this week, rushees will learn about Greek life and Sigma Psi Zeta, including the history of, what we stand for and what we do. All events are free and non-binding. While most events are open to anyone who wishes to attend, one will be invite-only.

What is a bid and how do I get one?

A bid is a formal invitation to join a sorority. In order to be eligible, rushees must attend one General Meeting and any two other events.

What is pledging?

After rush week, a rushee who is offered a bid and accepts it will become a pledge. During pledging, pledges learn about the traditions and history of Sigma Psi Zeta. They also establish bonds of sisterhood within the pledge class and with active sisters. Pledging is a unique experience, a time to create lasting memories and friendships, as well as to develop leadership and time management skills. Sigma Psi Zeta strictly follows the university and our own national rules against hazing and the mistreatment of pledges.

What is the time commitment for pledging and will it affect my academics?

Pledging is certainly a commitment but the amount of time that you devote to it depends on you. The more time you put in, the more valuable your experience will be. Pledging takes time, but it is definitely manageable. As a sorority, we strive for academic excellence and will always put your academic performance first. The sisters are there to support and help you along the way!

If you have further questions, email our rush chairs!

Christine Xu: syzkari@gmail.com

Liz Ha: syzcaustik@gmail.com

Bryana Pinos-Granda:  syzsixthsense@gmail.com


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